Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Skiing in the Desert

After a final night in Mammoth and a 6 hour drive through Nevada planned for the next day, I didn't expect to be putting my skis back on before flying out the USA. The scenic route back to Las Vegas was pretty interesting and showcased some of the best weirdness that America has to offer. But the highlight was definitely Death Valley. I was expecting a straight road through a flat desert, which it did deliver but on top of that it turns out theres a visitors centre, a big sign and some badass sand dunes.

After speaking to a local in the visitors centre, we decided to stop off at the sand dunes which were about 5km up the road. We parked up and check them out. Walking for about 15 minutes I looked up at a couple of steep faces and decided it would be possible to ski down them. Our ski stuff was packed up in the car. After that the thought was in our heads and it had to be done.

With just myself and James Machon driving, we lacked a photographer. However, there were a few people nearby. As we reached the top of our hike a man appeared walking over the dunes. Unbelievably, he was an Austrian artist and skier on his way to L.A! We got talking and he was stoked to take some pictures of our efforts. Cheers Clemens Hubinger!! 

After a couple of runs we hiked back and repacked the car. Two hours in 35 degree heat had took its toll but it was worth it. A quick trip back to the visitors centre to restock supplies and we set off for Vegas. Winter 2015/16 officially over.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mammoth Mountain, California

This was the second trip out to Mammoth of the season and it was sick to be back there in Spring! We mainly went out to hit the airbags on the BKPRO camp, which was an incredible set up with two bags and a pipe you won't find any better at this time of year. Along with a mixed bag of weather but still lots of Cali sun and a few adventures, this was a sick trip to end the winter.

The bag set up!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Final week in Laax and the Brits

Short blog update today! Just touched down in the UK after a three week trip to Laax. Lots of friends, parties and spring skiing with people coming and going making it really exciting. The final week was the Brits. My first time back at the event since 2013 it was good to see a vibrant scene with lots of younger kids coming through but also some familiar faces. The weather wasn't ideal but luckily it was manageable for the halfpipe on the final day, I put down two runs I was pretty happy with and was able to take the win this year! My first British title so I'm stoked! I am flying out to Mammoth tomorrow for an airbag camp and the final trip of the season which is an amazing opportunity and I'm very excited to be going! Keep posted... Heres some pics bellow from the last week :D

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I was very excited to be heading back to Europe after a long couple of months in America. First up was Tignes in mid March for the World Cup Finals which went really well and was one of the funnest trips of the season for sure (see previous blog). Since then I have been home for a week then on to Laax, Switzerland for spring skiing and the British Championships

Hand Plant

Friday, March 18, 2016

One run through the Tignes halfpipe

Here is a POV shot I got whilst out in Tignes for the SFR tour last week! It was an awesome week in Europe and the comp (the World Cup Finals) topped of the competitions for this season, where I finished 17th, my best WC result of the season. This is my final run of the day during practice...

POV run through the halfpipe, SFR Tour 2016 from peter speight on Vimeo.

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Year, California and Utah

The last five weeks have been the busiest time of the winter for me. After a quick but really sick christmas at home, I flew back out to the jungle, Manchester- Denver in time for a little tour round the US. After a good start back in Breckenridge, we flew on to California, staying there for two awesome weeks in Mammoth mountain competing in both the World Cup and the Rev Tour. Finally, the last week I have been in Park City Utah for the second Grand Prix event of the season! Heres a few pics...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December in Colorado

It has been a really good start to the season over in Colorado. Arriving at the end of November after a pretty hectic pre-season since getting back from NZ, I had plenty of time to get settled before a solid three weeks of riding over here. The British set up is based in Frisco so we have been switching between Copper Mountain and Breckenridge parks. This is the 5th year I have been out to CO in December so its back to the routine and enjoying the sick set up they have out here

Cork 9 tail at Breckenridge during a morning photo shoot. Enjoying the new 2016 Rossignol Scratch. Credit: Jenny Bletcher

Thursday, October 8, 2015

GB Park and Pipe short film

Injuries has been one of the hardest things I have had to deal with as a freeskier and an athlete. Whilst I was in New Zealand I was really stoked to do some filming with Ross Welch, GB park and pipe and Perspective studios who have made a short film on my return to the game! Check it out!! ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Zealand

I am just on my way from home from an amazing trip down to New Zealand. Definitely one of the funnest ski trips I have ever been on and it was also special being the first big trip back after properly recovering from knee surgery last year. I was there for five weeks; we had a British Team camp through September and im mega stoked about how well everything went getting back in the halfpipe. In some areas im feeling better than I ever done on my skis! The crew in our house was on point, As well as lots of other local homies or friends living there for the season making it a super fun trip. Here's some pics.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning plays a big part in our sport as it puts so much strain through the body. This is doubly true when returning from injury. I had some major complications with my recovery after surgery on my knee last year. Missing most of the winter again, I have been taking the time and opportunity to increase my overall strength and fitness, as well as giving my knee a lot more time. Here is a video, some pics and more info on some of the things involved...

Here are also some pics of my first trip back to the park, in Saas Fee last week!
Next up I am heading down to New Zealand for the rest of their season which I am so excited about!