I have been planning a big summer of skiing since last year and to kick things off I have spent the last 2 weeks in Whistler with most of the GB pipe team, coaches Jamie Mathew and Pat Sharples. I also recently got promoted up to full British freeski team status which is good news for me! Whilst last season I had to fight for my place in World Cups, I can now do all the World Cup qualifiers in the run up to the Olympics in February.

View from the morning chairlift ride up to the glacier
We booked on through momentum which has a really good set up on the glacier as well as a top crew to hang out with after skiing. There's so much to do in Whistler in summer so it was an intense two weeks. The first week was abit of bad weather with lots of rain but the 2nd was all sunshine and 30 degrees in the valley which made playing football in the evenings one of the trip highlights.

Driving range

Lost Lake 

I knew this trip was a great opportunity so I had a few tricks in mind but my main aim was to make progress in getting a double down in the pipe. I tried out the dub flare and dub 12 on the airbag and surprisingly the dub 12 felt a lot more comfortable so it wont be long before I get it down on snow. I also learnt alley oop flat 5s which is a trick I have wanted for a while so it was nice to get it down. Heres a couple of shots...

On the way out myself and Jamie got to spend the day in Vancouver before our flight which was amazing! I am now on down to New Zealand for the next World Cup in August as I decided to fly straight here rather than waste money on extra flights home which were expensive in July. I am looking forward to relaxation and time to shred some jumps and rails before it kicks off down here next month. Keep posted and thanks for reading!

Vancouver from the air, it and Whistler is probably the sickest place I have ever visited