Two weeks in America, Injury and Dew Tour

My trip to the USA started really well this season. I picked up where I left off in the summer and was feeling really strong in pipe. We rode Copper mountain most days and the GB set up was really sick this year so everything was going well and I had another really progressive 10 days. Here's a couple of screenshots from the pipe....

Flat 5 Japan

Rightside Cork 9

The North Face Open was the first comp of the season on the 7th of December. Unfortunately I landed front heavy on my Flat 5 in my 1st run, fell and broke my collar bone. It is really gutting considering how good things were looking for the Olympics and how strong I have been this season and I really was not expecting this. However, these are also big positives to take forward and I am very lucky that it is such a comparatively minor injury. I have seen lots of friends injure their knees over the last year and can count 2 months as a very quick recovery time for my break.

Thanks a lot to Jamie Mathew, Pat Sharples and James Machon for helping me

I had a really fun week in Colorado before I flew home. Fellow pipe skier Rob Taylor unfortunately had also got injured so I had a friend to mess around and have some drinks with. Lots of our friends were riding in the Dew Tour up at Breck so we were also able to go watch that.

Watching Dew Tour at minus 26. Well done to Rowan Cheshire who got 7th in the girls pipe!!

The Dew Tour halfpipe up at Breck. Well done to friend Beau James Wells getting 5th!

I flew home on Sunday and I'm very lucky to have a team provided by TASS ready to support me and start on rehab straight away. I hope to be skiing by February and plan to come back stronger end of season. Keep posted for updates!

No help with bags from Manchester airport. Terrible customer service.