Saami Snow Ski Jacket Review

Recently a new UK based ski clothing company asked me to review their new jacket. Overall I was pretty impressed and liked the jacket! Check out the review I did and link to their website bellow...

Fit and Style- The Saami Snow Ski Jacket is shaped well for riding. It is comfortable and the detailed additions, such as inner sleeves, collar, hood and snow skirt sit well without getting in the way. I particularly like the the hood as it tucks in nicely and looks good. The slightly longer shape at the back of the jacket is something that adds the to the style of the jacket whilst also being favourable to comfort for a taller person like myself. The simple, clean styling and colour I think make it a smart, good looking jacket.
 For freestyle skiing, the tight fit of the hood is a positive as it wouldn't flap about and restrict view when riding switch. If I had to recommend an improvement for the freestyle market, it would potentially be making a larger size or a slightly taller fit as this would gear it more towards to the style that most freestylers, and certainly what myself would  go for. But for the wider market I think it is an appealing shape and fit.
 Function- First impressions are that it has everything you need and would expect from a high performance ski jacket. A snow skirt and inner sleeves are essential features for use in the backcountry. A good amount of pockets seem useful whilst not over powering the style of the jacket. An inner pocket with headphone portal and the lift pass pocket on the left arm are really good features which I have always liked in ski jackets. Inside stow pockets would no doubt be useful for extra layers/ goggles etc. on the mountain.