Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning plays a big part in our sport as it puts so much strain through the body. This is doubly true when returning from injury. I had some major complications with my recovery after surgery on my knee last year. Missing most of the winter again, I have been taking the time and opportunity to increase my overall strength and fitness, as well as giving my knee a lot more time. Here is a video, some pics and more info on some of the things involved...

Here are also some pics of my first trip back to the park, in Saas Fee last week!
Next up I am heading down to New Zealand for the rest of their season which I am so excited about!

Back on ski at the end of July

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Alison our team physio was out in Saas helping me return to snow which was really good

After my ACL surgery last year, I returned to skiing with no real problems in December 2014. Following this after a fall in January, I picked up severe bone bruising in my knee. This didn't sound bad at the time but has resulted in another 6 months off skis. It was very very hard to take at the time, after the struggle of the previous year, however I decided I would meet the challenge head on again. And now I am back in the best shape of my life and in the best possible place I could be with my skiing. Here's some of the things I have had to do the last few months

Spent almost every day either here or over with the crew at the University of Manchester from April- July. Sheffield Hallam Strength and Conditioning suite.

Heres a little video of some of the things involved in getting me back to snow and fully ready to hit the halfpipe again. Huge thanks to John Noonan, Nick Jones, Alison Robb, Tom Heeley, Pat Sharples, Jamie Miller, Jamie Matthew, Rob Machon and my family and friends  who all helped me through the last 6 months.

Thanks for reading!