New Zealand

I am just on my way from home from an amazing trip down to New Zealand. Definitely one of the funnest ski trips I have ever been on and it was also special being the first big trip back after properly recovering from knee surgery last year. I was there for five weeks; we had a British Team camp through September and im mega stoked about how well everything went getting back in the halfpipe. In some areas im feeling better than I ever done on my skis! The crew in our house was on point, As well as lots of other local homies or friends living there for the season making it a super fun trip. Here's some pics.

 We spent most of the time skiing up at Cardrona parks. As it was getting into spring, the Halfpipe opened at 7am and closed early. So we were up for sunrise a lot of the time. It was hard getting up but an empty pipe and the views made it worth it.

Photo Credit: Tommy Pyatt Photography

Truck driver haha

When I first arrived, it was right in the middle of the NZ winter games so I spent a good amount of, chilling in the town, catching up with mates and warming into things. Here's some pics from a hike myself and Jamie Matthew did just up to a ridge at Cardrona after a fresh snowfall

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Next up I am home in the UK getting everything prepped for the Northern hemisphere winter which kicks off for me in December. Next stop, Breckenridge, Colorado.

the crew this year was on point

Me and Katie Summerhayes ice bath