I was very excited to be heading back to Europe after a long couple of months in America. First up was Tignes in mid March for the World Cup Finals which went really well and was one of the funnest trips of the season for sure (see previous blog). Since then I have been home for a week then on to Laax, Switzerland for spring skiing and the British Championships

Hand Plant

A few bangers from the last couple of weeks in Laax. The pipe here is the biggest in the world and I have been enjoying working on some details and tekkers with no pressure or stress! 

Photography: Jamie Matthew 

With the Brits happening next week, much of the British Ski scene has descended on Laax so there are lots of familiar faces around. The park days have been buzzing, but there is also a mixed bag of weather. Pretty standard for spring.

  Was awesome to see my first Strength and Conditioning coach: Nick Jones out here with SSE

Amongst all this, I am in the middle of my final semester at University, which has been a hectic but manageable juggle. Bouncing back and forth to my amazing housemates in Manchester, I have mostly got things done whilst back in the UK. However this trip has needed a few sessions of work in a quiet corner in the local pubs

Couple of random shots on my travels....

A Train

A snowy street

Here for another week, I have the British Champs followed by a small break home at before heading to Mammoth for an airbag camp and the final trip of the season! My family and girlfriend also arrive today to visit me for the a week which is going to be sick!

Thanks for reading!