Mammoth Mountain, California

This was the second trip out to Mammoth of the season and it was sick to be back there in Spring! We mainly went out to hit the airbags on the BKPRO camp, which was an incredible set up with two bags and a pipe you won't find any better at this time of year. Along with a mixed bag of weather but still lots of Cali sun and a few adventures, this was a sick trip to end the winter.

The bag set up!

I head out with the GB pipe crew, who I have been travelling and living with all season; being the final trip we were all hoping for a good one before looking to summer. Staying down in Mammoth town was a bonus as we got to check out the surrounding area and chill in the town

 The skiing was sick, with mostly good weather and full of long tiring days on the bag. This was my first time back on an airbag in 3 years so I back working on some bigger tricks I was hoping to get down. Unfortunately they weren't quite ready this trip but some definite progress so will have to wait until next time!

Photo cred- Jamie Matthew

Myself and James Machon flew in and out of Las Vegas. This meant a 6 hour drive through Nevada to get to Mammoth which was pretty eventful!  More on this soon

Thanks for reading !