End of the Winter and Dub Twelve

End of season saw me heading back to Laax after a small stop at home. Its been a great base in Europe all winter with most of my best days going down there. The final two weeks were no different, with five bluebird days in a row, followed by a non stop week at the Brits.

Spring is the time for getting tricks down and sending it in the slightly softer conditions. It was going down in Laax, with lots of good friends and skiers around meaning a top atmosphere in the park. Making the most of the weather, I took the opportunity to get my dub 12 down through the week.

Cafe Noname, the seasons best coffee spot

Familiar journey back to Switzerland

Another fun year at the Brits. 

Thats the winter over for me. But already focused on the next trip and opportunity to push my riding. See you for some summer skiing.